Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I change my filter?


Most times I come across a 1″ pleated filter.  Manufacturers vary on what they print on the side.  Some say 90 days while others say 30.  The only way to know how often YOU should change your filter is to compare it with a brand new one every thirty days.  If while your comparing them, there is the slightest doubt they don’t look extremely similar, change it.  Filters are cheap.  Furnaces are not.


How often should I change the batteries for my digital thermostat?


Usually there is an icon on the front panel telling you the batteries are getting low and should be replaced.  If you have an Energy Savings Agreement, I’ll change them out every fall, no extra charge.  Batteries are cheap, service calls are not.


How often should I change the batteries in my carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector?

Annually without exception.  It’s really important.  And if the Carbon Monoxide detector is over five years old, replace it. It’s done.


How long does a furnace last?


This is one of my all time favorite questions.   I’ve heard folks say (and have read) if it’s over ten years old, it should be replaced.  I don’t necessarily agree.  It all depends on how well it was taken care of.  I’ve seen 25 year old machines that look great. And then I’ve seen 7 year old machines that are shot.  It’s all all about how you take care of them.  It’s all about planned maintenance.  It takes about 45 minutes to go through and inspect, clean, test, and check the furnace and / or air conditioner.  For one furnace and one air conditioner, the cost is $150 a year. That’s comes out to about 41 cents a day.


Can you explain to me what is wrong with my AC and why it needs repair?


Yes I can. I really appreciate this question. It gives me the opportunity to explain how these systems work (which I like), why it broke, and how to prevent a reoccurance in the future.  This is my trade. My profession.  I went to school, AS degree in HVAC, Front Range Community College, GPA 3.85. And I’m certified in 3 NATE (North American Technician Excelllence) specialties, ie..Air Conditioning, Gas Heating and Heat Pumps.