Keeping you Cool on a Visit Outside the Evans Service Area

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Keeping you Cool on a Visit Outside the Evans Service Area

Evans Air Experts of Evans, Colorado serves the Northern Colorado Front Range Communities, including all of Weld and Larimer counties. They repair warm air furnaces, humidifiers, air purification systems – and air conditioners.

As we head into the warm summer months, rest assured that Evans air conditioning repair will be there if things heat up. Our NATE-certified technicians can keep your existing A/C running at peak performance. If you have problems, we’ll be there to make the repairs. And, if it’s time to install a new, more energy-efficient air-conditioning system to your home, we’ll make sure you get the unit that’s right for you.

If by chance, you’re visiting family or friends outside the area served by Evans, an HVAC company offering a full range of residential and commercial services throughout Weld and Larimer counties, and the air conditioning is on the fritz, here’s a helpful tip that may just let you make it through a sweltering summer night. Take a bed sheet and soak it in cold water. (Holding it under the bathtub’s cold water tap is the quickest way to do this.) Then put a table fan on a table beside the bed and aim it toward the bed. Wring the excess water from the sheet and wrap yourself in it before stretching out in bed. As the sheet dries in the breeze, you’ll feel the cooling effects of the process of evaporation – once demonstrated by none other than Ben Franklin!

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